Welcome to Dana-Seals A/S

Dana-Seals A/S manufactures a wide range of High Technology PTFE-Seals specializing in the Marine, Off-Shore,
Aircraft, and Food Industries.

The company represents more than 50 years of experience in development and manufacturing of PTFE Seals and
Sealing systems.

Dana-Seals A/S has a strong focus on custom specified Seals and Sealing systems developed in close co-operation
with our customers.

All Danaflon (PTFE compounds) materials are consistently blended to the highest quality standards in-house and
are among the best performing in the market. More than 20 different Danaflon materials are engineered and tailored
to ensure that our customers’ machinery and equipment are cost effective.

Dana-Seals A/S manufactures specific materials, which are compatible with food contact and meets all
requirements of the European Regulation EU 1935/2004.

ISO 9001  Certification Environment in mind
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